The year was 1982…Joan Jett’s hit, “I Love Rock and Roll,” topped the charts, “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” was the most-watched movie, shoulder pads were the hottest fashion trend on the runways… and Nova began our mission to innovate the health care industry.

When Nova came on to the scene, we provided traditional TPA services answering member questions and paying claims. But a lot has changed over the past 40 years and Nova is no exception. We've evolved from that typical TPA into a trend management organization, partnering with a variety of clients to help them manage risk.

With our extraordinary passion to build creative, impactful, personalized solutions, we’ve paved the way for our clients and members to discover cost reductions, greater satisfaction and an unparalleled experience.

When our clients partner with us, they can expect:

  • A collaborative, cross-functional approach to service regardless of plan size
  • Best-in-class population health management
  • Actionable intelligence and industry expertise 
  • In-house medical management services with URAC accredited Health Utilization Management and Case Management programs

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In honor of our 40th, we’ve curated a playlist of our favorite tunes from the 80s. Stream it now — and pump up the volume. It's, like, totally awesome.

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