Who ever said insurance can't be fun? Not us.

"Under the Coverage" is a podcast hosted by Jolene Myers and Sara Fluskey, from Nova Healthcare Administrators.

We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of health care. We ask them what they know now that they wish every health care consumer knew.



Each episode, we start by asking our guest one of three questions:

  • What have you've learned that has been so helpful you tell everyone about it?
  • What have you learned because something went so badly that you warn others?              
  • Given what you do - what do your friends and family always come to you for advice about? 

We’re employees, brokers, providers and vendor solutions and we want the same thing you do – to understand how to navigate the health care system. That’s why we’re here. Join us for the tips the insiders share with friends and family and now, they’re here to share with you.

New episodes drop on Thursday and most are 15 minutes or less. So buckle your seat belt. This should be over by the time you get to the grocery store.


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