Who ever said insurance can't be fun? Not us.

"Under the Coverage" is a podcast hosted by Jolene Myers and Sara Fluskey, from Nova Healthcare Administrators. We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of health care. We talk to people who work in health benefits and health care to understand how they use what they learn in their 9-5 to help them in their 5-9 (a.k.a. life outside of work).

We cover topics like:

  • Why industry experts read their EOB
  • Why you should always follow up with your provider for after lab work or testing             
  • Demystifying terms like deductible, copay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximum
  • Managing a chronic condition with your benefit plan
  • ...and much more

We’re employees, brokers, providers and vendor solutions and we want the same thing you do – to understand how to navigate the health care system. That’s why we’re here. 

Most episodes are 15 minutes or less. So buckle your seat belt. This should be over by the time you get to the grocery store. Check out some of our most recent episodes below.

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High deductible health plans with health savings accounts can feel overwhelming. On one hand, the plan cost is usually less than that of a traditional copay plan but then you remember you may have to lay out a lot of money up front before your plan’s copays kick in. Jenelle shares how she started building funds in her HSA a little at a time over time and how she thinks about health care expenses.
You head to the doctor for a routine appointment. A claim is born! In this episode Barb chats with us about a medical claim’s journey in the health care delivery system. It isn’t always a simple process but having a baseline understanding of how a claim gets processed might help you gain insight into industry timelines and requirements.
Do you want to learn more about the hottest couple in health insurance? Getting familiar with your benefit summary and ID card can help you out in the long run. During this episode we chat with Alicia about benefit summaries, ID cards, and walk through three network-related situations you may find yourself in.

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