Who ever said insurance can't be fun? Not us.

"Under the Coverage" is a podcast hosted by Jolene Myers and Sara Fluskey, from Nova Healthcare Administrators. We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of health care. We talk to people who work in health benefits and health care to understand how they use what they learn in their 9-5 to help them in their 5-9 (a.k.a. life outside of work).

We cover topics like:

  • Why industry experts read their EOB
  • Why you should always follow up with your provider for after lab work or testing             
  • Demystifying terms like deductible, copay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximum
  • Managing a chronic condition with your benefit plan
  • ...and much more

We’re employees, brokers, providers and vendor solutions and we want the same thing you do – to understand how to navigate the health care system. That’s why we’re here. 

Most episodes are 15 minutes or less. So buckle your seat belt. This should be over by the time you get to the grocery store. Check out some of our most recent episodes below.

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Understanding health insurance benefits Ugh. Obviously, it’s stressful and we often find out we’re learning at the most vulnerable time – when we or one of our dependents are sick or are not feeling well. There’s nothing worse than trying to make sense of something when you are feeling your worst. Tracey joins the podcast to help us walk through how she has learned to get in front of the problem by understanding what’s not covered before the bill comes in!
Lower levels of literacy, English as a second language, transitioning to the United States from a foreign country – all of these factors make it increasingly more difficult to understand and use medical benefits. Abby Grainge works as a family nurse practitioner at Jericho Road Community Health Center in Buffalo, NY and is also the medical director of Vive, Jericho Road’s shelter for asylum seekers. She joined the podcast to talk about the unique challenges the US health care system poses for those new to the country.
When you picture a nurse, you might envision a hospital or physician’s office. But nurses also work in a clinical capacity for health plan administrators. Lorene wants the world to know she and her team and other nurses in the industry work hard to walk with members on their journey to better health. In this episode she discusses how nurses work to help members, how they help patients who may face barriers to care, and why she what she does.

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